How can I stay cool when I drool? - Skibz (REVIEW)

My son's teething has been going on so long that it's less of a stage and more of a lifestyle choice. Every now and then I send a silent prayer that someone, anyone, can make teething a little more fun. This time Skibz and their funky bibs answered. Since Roscoe will be the one wearing it I'll turn this post over to the moderate toddler for his view...

Skibz Doublez Poppers Street Feet

WEARABILITY Despite the fact that I've been wearing them my entire life I have decided quite recently that I can't stand wearing bibs. Actually I want to state publically that they're a direct infringement of my toddler rights and if I must I will pull at them until I cut off my own air supply. This may mean that my drool soaks through all my clothes but I don't care as I don't know how washing gets done. That being said this Skibz bib has this lovely soft furry business on it and that that makes it very fun to wear. It's really thick so I don't have to have it changed every 35 seconds, which is a two thumbs up bonus. When I didn't produce enough drool I did try spitting a bit of juice on it but it kept up with me.

POP ITZ LIKE IT'S HOT Skibz also sent me this brilliant teether. Actually it's not a teether because I haven't yet found a teether that I can't destroy. This is a super tough, funky, bouncy, chewy toy. Cos it has this cool popper business, mum can add it to my Skibz bib and it's a toy that I can't chuck away! Look, I'll be straight with you, sometimes I get these rages. I've got a lot to deal with - early starts, constant changes and a really inept (buggy) driver. When I'm frustrated, I throw things. I'm not proud of it, okay sometimes I'm proud of it. Anyway this Teetherz just sticks onto my bib and I've got it whenever I need it; which is awesome because I'm dubious as to how antiseptic mum's spit really is.

Teetherz Note Royal Blue

STYLE FOR DAYS For the record, I'm not a baby. I might still be teething but I'm a toddler and I want toddler stuff. Some of the bibs and teething gear out there is a bit pretoddler for me but this Skibz stuff has cool shoes on it and with my Pop-itz medallion, you can't tell me I don't look as good as Adam Levine? (I don't actually know who Adam Levine is but Mum's always banging on about him). Check me out pulling some killer moves! E-I-E-I-O dude!

So if you're looking for a bib for your baby or still teething toddler Roscoe and I agree that Skibz bibs are the perfect baby accessory. And we all know, it's all about the accessories.

For more information about Skibz and their products check out their website and follow them on Instagram. Skibz sent me the Skibz Doublez Poppers and Pop-itz so that Roscoe and I could review them.

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  1. Very cute and smart! Want one for our dribbler.


  2. I love some of the designs they do. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  3. He is super cute! What a a stylish pair you are.

  4. He is far more stylish than me :)

  5. That’s very cute to see this Skibz. Apart from this is there any other types are available?