I am a mum who...

Wants it all

Is happy to admit she can’t have it all

Wishes she looked better rested

Has discovered so many new sides to herself

Is still rockin a mum tum

Loves a burrito

Pinches herself every day

Wants more childcare

Feels a bit guilty when her son is in childcare

Enjoys her life

Appreciates family

Loves Netflix like a sister

Never wants to stop learning

Asked for a ukulele for her birthday

Wants to raise a confident child above all else

Would love to wear bright lipstick everyday

Always needs a manicure

Wishes she could sing

Doesn’t dance enough

Loves when friends ‘get it’

Wants to read more

Strives to be present

Takes time to not be ‘mum’

Never wants to be pregnant again

Would like another child

Thanks Tayla from Motherhood The Real Deal for the tag.

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  1. This is fantastic! Especially the mum-tum bit, as it makes me feel better about mine.

  2. Love your list! You're a fabulous mama! I'm on the same boat as you...I can't deal with being pregnant but want to have another baby sometime next year. Ahhh!! xx

    1. Thanks mama! I think we've decided to find our next baby rather than make it :) x

  3. This is a great list and I can relate to so many of your points! x

  4. I like this post. It really speaks of the contradictions of motherhood that we all have to contend with. #thelist

    1. Thank you, it is a basket of contradictions!

  5. What a fabulous post, I love this and your answers gave me loads of things to ponder. Mich x

  6. Brilliant. I love the last two! I would've loved to have a daughter but there is no way I could cope with being pregnant again, and all the change that comes with having a newborn. An inspired post that gives us a little glimpse into who you are. xxx

    1. Recently I've been reminiscing about the newborn days...is it my mind playing tricks on me? Thanks for stopping by x

    2. I think it's our body's way of trying to trick us. It blocks out all the bad stuff so that we'll do it all again. How else would the human race continue if it didn't! ;)

  7. haha - I love the wants more childcare / feels guilty when he's in childcare bit - that's me all over!! Fab list, I was nodding throughout! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx