Before I had a husband

So I was offered this tag by Troy of the awesome ODaddy Bee. If you don't know who that is, where've you been? Seriously, click on the link; I can wait.

The tag is supposed to chart your life before your significant other became a part of it. The problem is I didn't have a life before I met Graham. I don't mean that in a Jerry Maguire monologue kinda way, I mean I literally had no life - I argued with my mum and watched Dawsons Creek reruns. Fine, I still argue with my mum and watch Dawsons Creek reruns but on my terms dammit. Really I was so naive. After our first date he invited me in for coffee and I refused because I didn't like coffee. Dating faux pas aside - I didn't like coffee!! Now coffee is the the rope that keeps me from drifting out to emotional sea each day. Honestly Graham didn't change me, he grew with me, which in and of itself is a beautiful thing. 

We almost didn't get married. He had issues with the some of the misogynistic connotations and felt it was much more significant to choose to be together rather than bow to societal pressure. And I thought, whatever dude I want my ring. So we got married. One snowy morning in December we just snuck off and did the deed

It took ten years for me to break him by which time we were very established - we lived together, we were cat parents, the lot. Really we just went from rock solid to solid as a rock. So I thought it might be helpful to let people know if it really was any different, before I was a wife (rhyming enforced): 

Before I was wife...
Call centres weren't hell cos I had a name most people could spell

Before I was wife...
No one would presume it was reasonable to question the state of my womb

Before I was wife...
I'd ask, 'D'ya like me in red?' and actually give one jot what he said 

Before I was wife...
I took out the bin but his socks actually went in the laundry bag thing 

Before I was wife...
I waxed now and then and I sent him texts that read more than 'BUY BREAD'

But before I was wife... 
Each day didn't start with the promise he made me aglow in my heart.

So there's that. 

I'd love to hear how meeting your other half changed you. Thanks for the tag ODaddy Bee. Follow me on Instagram for a glance into my life as a wife and join my free webinar for tips on how I make things work for my family. 
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  1. He made the right decision in putting a ring on it. Lovely post. Makes me laugh how you threw away the socks though.

  2. Awww I love this post. That is a fab pic of the two of you. I love the bit about refusing your coffee date. It made me laugh out loud HAHA x

  3. By the remark on not saying more than just "buy bread" in a text, do you mean that you used to text him to say "buy bread and milk?" ;)