Moderate Mum's Best of the Net 12/07/2015

PERCY AND GRACE - OUR MISCARRIAGE STORY The lovely Rebecca, wonderful vlogger and all round awesome person, created this searingly honest post about her recent loss. Watching her vulnerability was one of the most beautiful and humbling things I have seen. I really have to salute her for revealing so much of her experience and helping other men and women know that a grief that is often battled in isolation is shared by many.

WHILE OSCAR WAS SLEEPING - BABY UPDATE: 2 WEEKS This post is worth a look for the insanely adorable picture of newborn loveliness but I love, love, love how Nina captures the highs and lows of those first few weeks. I had completely forgotten (read blocked out) things that at the time were all consuming, like waiting for the cord to fall off! I love my son but that was pretty bleurgh. Reading this post I do wish I'd kept a journal of the time. Or course I was so tired it probably wouldn't have been coherent. Would love to hear from anyone that kept a record of those early days. 

LOVE LIFE AND DIRTY DISHES - 12 THINGS I'VE LEARNED DURING MY KIDS FIRST YEAR AT SCHOOL Claire writes about all the things that are scaring the lipgloss off me about when my son starts school, particularly the kids parties and all the associated politics and admin. I love the post but what really caught my eye was a conversation in the comments about whether it's okay to steer clear of 'that kid', you know the one you know is gonna teach your child to hot wire a car later in life. I wrote a similar post and also received a comment suggesting that it would be unfair to avoid or exclude any child. Whilst it's too early to have a clear outlook of the future my son is currently undergoing assessment regarding his development and I already feel that some of his outbursts are caused by his frustrations at not being able to communicate. Greater than any fear that he may struggle to make friends in the future is one that people might associate with him out of pity. I think I'd rather teach him to be a lone wolf then someone's project. What do the parents of older children think? Do you let your children choose who they want to play with or do you believe we should all just be friends?

photo credit: 3 PM coffee via photopin (license)

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