Moderate Mum's Best of the Net 19/07/2015

The Frugal Trial - Here at The Moderate Mum, I'm about living life authentically and you don't get more authentic then posting a month by month update of your debt down to the last penny as well as the sterling (pun intended) efforts to repay it. With most challenges in life the first and most important step is acknowledging the problem. I do love blogs recording personal change, sometimes we all need a reminder that the longest journeys start with a single step. 

Lycra Widow's - It Takes a Village to Raise a Baby reminded me how important my breastfeeding friends were to sustaining my feeding journey. I think that we sometimes try and protect each other from some of the horrors of pregnancy, labour and early days but actually when people don't share it can all feel so lonely. Lycra Widow shares the highs and lows and gives some super practical advice for current and future boob feeders. 

Life as our little family - Be known for what you love... If you're a blogger, scrap that if you do anything creative, Kerri-Ann provides an excellent checklist to book mark as a reminder for when you're in a bit of a fug. We hear a lot about online haters but Kerri-Ann addresses the issue of real life negativity. Some great advice in the comments for those of use feeling unsupported by those close to us. 


  1. Thank you so much for the mention. The breastfeeding post is very close to my heart too, we all need help and support and that comes from the beginning. Preparation is key for me. x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You're so right. I did a lot of research on breastfeeding but I think I forgot to prepare myself emotionally. I didn't factor in that it would be all on me for such a significant period of time! x

  2. Lovely choices, I have three new sites to explore, thanks for the round up!

  3. Ahhh lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm sorry it's taken me 18 months to say thank you 😧 I also love Kerri-Ann's post. Now off to catch up on your monthly spends over the past year or two! Xx