Advice from the Heart - 25/08/2015

Giiirl, I hear you. 

Thank you so much to those that took part in the first ‘Advice from the Heart’ linky! We’ve loved reading your advice and experience and know that your posts will help and inspire others. We particularly love that there were two posts about reflux, the silent tormentor of many new mums - a very practical guide from Doctomum and a positive, personal experience from My Mummy Spam.

The most frustrating thing about silent reflux is that many of the symptoms – wind, feeding all the time, wanting to be held - sound like a description of, well, a newborn baby.  So when do you know the difference between your common or garden cranky tot and silent reflux? The beautiful thing is often you just know, even with your first child.

Technological developments have meant that in society today we are finding more and more ways to override our instincts. I have a headache, should I slow down or pop a fast acting pill? I’m tired, I can choose to sleep or drink red bull and watch TV. Why not? It can be a time consuming process to tune into our gut instincts. Pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn are such instinctual processes and can be the first time in a long time that a parent has listened to that insistent inner voice.

One thing we hope you find in these posts is some validation about the things you may have been thinking and feeling as a parent. We’d really like you to trust yourself and believe that you know your child like no other. If you think something it wrong it may well be because something is wrong! If it turns out you were right, we’d love to read about it here.

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  1. Such a great idea - I'm looking forward to taking part and sharing my posts. I seek advice from the internet for everything! #fromtheheart