Advice from the Heart - 01/09/2015

Round about a year ago, I gave birth to a delicious baby boy.
This year, around the same time, I gave birth to a Linky.

Both projects took a while to mature and would have been impossible without a partner. And within instants of seeing the light of day, both baby and linky have never failed to amaze and inspire me (although funnily enough both also require a fair bit of work...although at least the Linky sleeps quite predictably from Saturday to Monday).

The idea behind the linky was to create a place for parents to share all the bits of advice they'd picked up over the years. I was certain that there was so much good information out there, just nobody knew how to find it. It seems my hunch was right:

The first issue's posts on silent reflux bowled me over - in one, the writer describes exactly the symptoms my baby had in his first few months and that no health professional correctly identified. If only I'd had access to the linky then.

Advice from the heart has included posts about sleep, sophrology (yes, I had to Wikipedia that too) and work both at home and outside. I never imagined how much fun I would have reading through the submissions and I hope that the contributions have been as helpful to other bloggers and readers as to me.

Babies, whether of the human or virtual kind may require a lot of work and be difficult at times, but they never fail to amaze you. There's the first smile, the first tooth, the first step... or the first competition! Thanks to the lovely people at The Appealing Rabbit, this week our two favourite contributions to the link-up will win a set of their alphabet game cards.

Who knew our linky would grow so quickly in just three weeks? I'm sure pretty soon it'll be staying out late and leaving old socks all over the house...

Here, as usual, are the rules:

  • You can link up to two posts a week, as long as they offer advice or learning experiences for fellow parents 
  • Please take some time to check out other posts, there's a lot to be learnt! Do leave a comment for the person linking before you and more if you wish. Use #fromtheheart in your comments so they know where you found them.
  • Please add the #fromtheheart badge to the bottom of your linked post and tweet @JulieGDutra and @moderatemum to let us know you've joined and had your link RT'd.
The linky will close at 23:45pm on Friday!
Advice From The Heart

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