What Makes a Good Dad - Guest Post From ODaddyBee

Sometimes being a Dad is the best job on the planet. You can put it up there with feats such as ‘winning the lottery’ (although I am yet to experience that yet.). Better still, imagine that six-fold accumulator you placed on the weekend banking on your six chosen football teams to win, lose or draw and accurately getting each result correct… 


Until 16:45pm, you didn’t realise that pigs had wings other than in Red Bull commercials nor the day of reckoning being finally upon you. You sir are the CHOSEN one. 

Please don’t think it’s all fun by my account. If you dreamt fatherhood to be rosy, happy days everyday baring the smile of a Cheshire Cat, you’re in for a shock. It’s far from that as your son/daughter get older however put in the work, scrutinise yourself as a Dad from your head down to your toenails and believe me your life as a Dad will be great.

If you’re a ‘soon to be’ Dad or a Dad already, you may of already played out the quotes in your mind made by people on your typical morning talk show. 

“I’m gonna do EVERYTHING for my Child. Play EVERYDAY and EVERYTIME they call me. ANYTHING my child want, I WILL get it for them.” 

I’m not saying you won’t be the above things but I’m saying first hand that sometimes you may wish you was born with a shell which could camouflage amongst your furniture and go unrecognised to your children’s inquisitive eyes. Children are hard work. The newborn stage does not last long enough so watch out as your personal air space gets violated daily. 

This led me to think…’What Makes a Good Dad?’ We come into the game inexperienced. The rules of fatherhood remain un-explained. We take advice from our peers and observe society traits. We look at our parents for answers but even then, it’s not fulfilling enough to know our own personal role amongst our children. 

My advice as to ‘What Makes a Good Dad’ is in no particular order but has some of the attributes which are necessary in becoming that undisputed ‘Superdad.’ 

Patience: Children will have days where they can try your last nerve. You are tired and you’re one toothpick away from snapping. Unfortunately we cannot shut ourselves off from the world which can be the normal default button after a ‘barney’ with the missus (the man sulk. We’ve all done it.) I’m a firm believer of karma so believe we must use what energy we have to entertain our child’s needs. You will be loved so much for it and them nurturing skills you currently have will be made to good use when your children look after you once in your old age. 


Be firm…BUT FAIRUttered by the famous boxing referee ‘Joe Cortez’ but reigns true through fatherhood. I always explain to Pop if she behaves and listens, she would have the coolest Daddy ever. What child doesn’t want that? Pop wants to go to the Park and was good. Yes. Why not? Go McDonalds? Of course, you was well behaved. You deserve a treat of some kind.

I like to think I’m easy going but when Pop crosses the line, she might feel the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ exists. 

Dependant on the age of your son/daughter, you can instil discipline but it does have boundaries based on age so if your child is young and has misbehaved, don’t hold grudges. Think it through. They may have been active all day and so are tired (sometimes the hardest art is teaching a child to sit down whilst on a natural happy ‘high.’) Make your point that you’re cross, teach them to apologise when wrong and bring it in with a ‘duggee hug’ (CBeebies children show if wondering. Give it a watch) 

Delve into the Toddler world: First things first. Let your mind be free. Don’t overthink anything. Become free-flowing in mind like water whilst interacting and using your imagination with your child. Children think of the the wackiest things to do with not much at their disposal. You’ll be surprised. 

Here’s a test. Think of two imaginative things you can do in a bath with: 

A Bucket 
Three Small Frozen Plates 
A Spade 
Plastic knife and Fork 
An Olaf Frozen Flask 

CLUE: Don’t think too hard (answer will follow after post) Some of your best experiences come from you and your children interacting. I cannot preach this enough. Work this side of your children's development like a full-time job. The rate of pay is great! 

BONUS PIECE OF ADVICE: Me Time - The family always comes first but a very close second is yourself. It takes a lot to be a ‘Superdad.’ We don’t often get it right and sometimes it’s left for our dear partners to pick up our mess. There is a great joy in being a Dad especially when we have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes When it is that time to wind down, whether it is going to the gym, meeting friends, reading a book of just taking yourself away from it all; just do it and make ‘every second count.’ It all begins again tomorrow… 

Thank you to @moderatemum for having me guest post on your page. Do you have any additional points which can be added into ‘What Makes A Great Dad.’ I would love to hear from you.

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PS: The answer to the two imaginative you can do in a Bath with the items are:

Make a chocolate cake 
Make a water castle with floating plate boats and a MASSIVE paddle 
The point is. It can be anything you want it to be. Let your imagination run wild with you children.


  1. Brilliantly lovely post. I think my husband would agree with everything you have said. It certainly isn't easy and I'm pretty sure yesterday our daughter pushed him to the absolute limit but ten minutes later they were both on the floor building imaginary castles #mummymonday


    1. That sounds like fun! The castles, not the limt pushing :)

  2. This is a really lovely post. I'm very lucky to have a great Daddy for my little girl. They adore each other and I love watching them play together :) #mummymondays

  3. aww what a great read and a fantastic list! Such a beautiful photograph too! Suz x beauisblue.com

  4. Brilliant post. I'm sure my OH would agree with your assessment of what makes a good dad. #mummymondays

  5. Aww love this post! My husband is all those apart from firm with Arj - he's defo good cop! He's great at delving in to toddler world too - something I'm not so good at! #advicefromtheheart x

    1. Awww, think we haven't decided who's good cop in this house. Roscoe just runs the show :)

  6. My Misery Guts could do with reading this!! #fromtheheart

  7. Yay! Advice from the dad's heart! Thanks Troy for sharing and Moderate Mum for linking him up (maybe the flower on the badge is scaring the dad's away from our linky?!) #fromtheheart