Advice from the Heart Linky - 06/10/15

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When I was a pregnant my sister in law gave me a badge. It read ‘Only positive birth stories please’. She’s a strong advocate of hypnobirthing, a practice that encourages changing the thinking around labour and delivery and focusing on the experience as an overwhelmingly good one. I appreciated the gesture, although I wasn’t deeply anxious about giving birth of course I had questions, many questions.
A curious thing happened when I asked those around me to share their positive stories, I got nothing, nada, a big, old, fat jam doughnut with no jam in it. Sometimes, infuriatingly, someone would start to tell me about their labour only to back off quickly and refuse to say more when pressed. The less people told me, the more my anxiety grew. What exactly did happen in that room?

The women around me were trying to be protective but bizarrely it made me feel lonely, like they were part of some super cool club that I was not allowed access to. If you are my friend, if I’m allowed to share a toilet cubicle with you or put you to bed after you’ve had too many WKD’s, you can tell me about one of the most significant experiences of your life. I was reminded of this time whilst reading he post Kirsten from Guilt Free Guide shared at last week’s linky, ‘Are You Honest?’

I think we can work out a way to be open and still be caring. You can be honest with me about your experiences of motherhood without making it sound like a journey to middle earth and if actually it was a crazy, traumatic mess you can tell me that too because even if I haven’t got there yet, I want to be here to support you.

So spill your guts! Please share the lessons you have learned from parenthood, particularly the mysterious world of pregnancy and labour. You might think it kind to hold it all in but it’s much kinder not too. 

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Advice From The Heart

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