Five reasons not to drink whilst pregnant this Christmas

how about another cup of decaf tea?

As the name of this blog suggests I like to do a little bit of fence sitting. It's not that I don't have opinions, I have many (Reggie and Bollie were robbed!) but I want to give parents the respect of trusting them to know what's best for their family. Then there are the times you just don't know, you're back and forth like it's the day after a dodgy curry and one of those times is often around the controversial subject of drinking whilst pregnant. One of the reasons for our confusion is that health professionals keep moving the booze goalposts - wine is fine! Not a drop! Booze it up - all the pregnant women in France are mashed! A study even suggested that a glass of wine a week can result in a better adjusted child. Before you worry that you're damaging your baby by not drinking, let me tell you I have a whole bucket full of side eye for most studies that claim to know what's best for pregnant women and new mothers. I think the outcome of this study has more to do with the mother than the vino. The woman who has the occasional glass of wine is most likely more relaxed generally; if that wine is drunk in company it implies good support systems - it's probably these things that help. Do I think the occasional G&T is doing irreparable damage? Probably not - my gran had a daily 'medicinal' brandy when pregnant and my dad is a wonderful human being. That being said if you're having trouble deciding, I'm gonna help you tip the balance over to the no side and here's why...

I like to drink to get drunk. Not hold my hair back/crying on the stairs/texting my ex drunk but nicely Instagram filter soft round the edges. You're not going to achieve this with a thimble full of beer. For a more reliable high, may I suggest sugar.

You're probably drinking for the psychological benefits. The appeal of drinking isn't just it's effect on the bloodstream but the way it woos all the senses. The subtle glamour of a beautiful wine glass, the jolly tinkle of drinks meeting in a toast; that first hearty sip that says 'you have permission to unwind'. You can try and recreate some of that with a non-alcoholic beverage. One of my favourite pregnancy choices was Appletiser in a champagne flute - all the fizz, none of the fuzziness. 

You're already knackered, why make life harder? Being pregnant felt like an eight month hangover to me anyway.

When the baby's born you will be a hot mess of hormones. You'll worry if the brie baguette you had in week seven caused the innocent rash on your cherubs cheek. It's probably best not to give yourself anything else to worry about, trust me you'll have enough.

Having a kid is signing up for a lifetime of sacrifice. Getting a bit of practise in whilst pregnant is probably a fine idea. Not only that but if you're a lightweight by the time the baby's born and you can redirect the spare cash to the mountain of (not at all cheap) nappies you're going to need

Whether you're drinking or not, have a wonderful, restful Christmas and an awe inspiring new year.

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  1. I'm definitely on the "enjoy your glass of wine while pregnant" side of the fence but my drinking habits did change from "half a bottle of plonk" to "a glass of expensive red"...and you know what, I now actually enjoy the wine more! (because I also drink and breastfeed....I KNOW!)

    1. That's because you've embraced the sophisticated continental attitude to drinking and know how to enjoy a glass of wine as opposed to slam sambucas til you pass out ;) I don't know anyone that completely abstained when breastfeeding although I know some mums whose babies reacted badly to it! I did day drinking when breastfeeding because I often co slept with baba and booze has a pretty sedative effect on me, and to give myself the biggest window I would sometimes start drinking when givng Scoe a quick feed. I'm telling you I looked CLASSY in the pub.