Toddler Proof Home Decor

Scandinavian style dining room by Dröm Living

A few months after my son Roscoe was born my husband and I found a lovely little house on the top of a hill. The day we moved in we felt like a couple in an ad for a high street bank - smiling, laughing, stopping to eat pizza sat on unpacked boxes. We had such plans! In our first proper home we would have the nicest things we could afford, we would buy things bit by bit and have a collection of pieces we would cherish. The first thing we bought was a freestanding lamp, it stood five feet high on three delicate legs. After finding the perfect spot for it, we sat to admire our softly lit room and then watched as, seemingly in slow motion, our newly mobile bundle of fun grabbed one of those legs and pulled the whole thing crashing to the ground. The lamp was banished to storage and I realised I needed to work out how to stay safe yet chic.

Kitchen. Storage, storage, storage. I'm a big fan of open shelves and displayed crockery but nothing inspires the inner climber in your little one more than breakable objects in high places. If you're selecting a new kitchen make cupboard space a priority and then choose doors that are easy to clean or prepare to spend the next six years wiping off fingerprints. I don't think high gloss cupboards are in danger of going out of style and pureed carrot comes off them like a dream.

Living room. My favourite buy for our living room was our brown leather sofa. I know you may think I'm obsessed with the mess kids make but to say children are messy is an understatement, I've seen all night house parties do less damage than a toddler with a banana. My wipe clean sofa is a dream but if leather isn't your bag stick with a dark colour and check out stain resistent fabric

Dining room. For this room I'm thinking minimalist chic is ideal. Keep your focal points high with stunning lighting and invest in a good quality table and chairs that will last through years of weaning, arts and crafts and homework. Homify has amazing dining room ideas that will completely inspire you to create something childproof and chic.

Bedroom Furniture : Beds & headboards by Orchid
Bedroom. When you're a parent the only thing you care about in your bedroom is the bed. When my son was born my mother bought me a beautiful duck down duvet. If sheets are your thing go for sofest, most inviting set you can find and then accesorize with a soft throw. You might not be able to spend a lot of time there so when you can - make it count. 

Did your style at home change after becoming a parent? 
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  1. Thankfully we are now though the other end of this. But bought a leather sofa for exactly that reason. It served us well and took everything bringing up 2 boys had to throw at it. We have just changed to a gorgeous fabric sofa now they are old enough, but I would most definitely recommend leather for families with young children x

    1. Yes they do last forever! And in my opinion get better with age.

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