What can I do when it's cold? - Holly

I struggle with the weather being crap if I have my son all day. I never struggled with this when he was little but now I've been surprised to find I sometimes hit a wall - Holly


I think all parents feel the impending sense of doom when the clocks go back. Being at home with a young child is so jolly when the sun is shining and the days are long. Oh the many hours I spirited away lying on a blanket reading newspapers as my son chased unfortunate pigeons. When you can go outside the time flies and the crumbs don't matter. Most importantly when you're running around all day, sleep comes that little bit easier for the little one.

We all start the winter months with fierce ambitions but when your carefully planned biscuit baking holds their interest for four and half minutes and you're faced with another 660 minutes of unstructured toddler time, it's time to keep your head and show that boy who's boss:

Have an activity box. I always dreamed that when I was a grown up I would have a drawer filled with wrapping paper, sellotape and bows. Looks like I'm not an adult yet because I don't have this but I do have a rainy day play box. You know those craft activities you get all excited about and then ten months later you chuck out 58 empty loo rolls? Stop banishing those dreams to the recycling and keep all these projects to hand for your first miserable day.

Hide some toys. When you're a kid, a month is a major chunk of your life and feels like a ridiculously long time. Anyone remember how heartbreakingly slow the pace of the days leading up to Christmas felt back in the day? Keep some toys in reserve somewhere to buy you some time in an emergency. After a couple of months your son will have all but forgotten about those once loved favourites. When the dark days set in make like Paul Daniels and pull one of those bad boys out of your hat. You'll be the best mummy ever. 

Get the plan right. How many times have you spent the entire day wafting around aimlessly pretending to be deciding what to do? We always underestimate the amount of energy that goes into making a decision, often more than the task itself. Anyone that's ever tried to decide on a take away with more than two people involved can attest to this. Do yourself a favour and plan your day the night before. Not only does it cut down on the faffery but you're much less likely to let a little thing like the weather put you off when you've got a clear picture of how the day will play out. 

Face the elements. We don't live in Antarctica. As much as we love to blather on about the weather in the UK, the climate is pretty vanilla. A few rain showers won't do the tyke any harm. There is no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable apparel. Invest in some good quality, waterproof clothing and you may not be ready for a picnic in the park but I'm sure you can make it to the supermarket. 

The dreaded groups. As people return to work after maternity and paternity leave the mother and child groups tend to tail off but there'll still be a few around for older children. If you really don't feel comfortable attending them re frame it as access to parents that are also available in the daytime. Get in, find a new friend and get out. Job done. 

Suck it up. At the risk of sounding like your great aunt Gertrude, what is it with us parents trying to spare children the horrendous indignity of boredom? As a child I was bored frequently, for great chunks of my childhood in fact. If I dared mention said boredom, I was done for. I learned to tolerate it and then navigate it and finally face up to that bad boy and knock the sucker out. What I would give for five minutes to be bored these days. Boredom is a privilege, any good parent will offer it to their child frequently. 

Do you have any tips for parenting on rainy days?
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  1. Great tips. It's hard keeping occupation when it's cold out and yiu can't watch tellymall day ....!

  2. I'm all for facing the elements. A miserable day for us might be a beautiful summer's day for someone from Norway (and they even go surfing in their icy sea!) Have to say getting the motivation to get out of the house is much harder when the skies are grey..

  3. A bit of backing and biscuit decorating all goes down well in our house. Followed of course by the eating! #FabFridayPost

  4. Get outdoors, wellies, a coat and a change of clothes just in case. Go into the woods, usually you are fairly sheltered, squelch in mud, build a den and climb some trees. Take a flask of hot chocolate (usually helps). Sarah #fabfridaypost

  5. Hide the toys is something new to me. I never had to as my house is always messy and the little ones seems to alway be in a surprise when they find something at the back of the sofa or at the bottom of the toy box. lol! Great suggestions. Thank you again for linking up with me. #FabFridaypost x

  6. Thank you for this!! I need me an activity box' I find shopping is also a good one. Baby Girl loves coming out in the stroller to our local shopping centre. We brave the elements on the quick walk there and keep toasty and warm while we shop. She is a greatly helped and is old enough to run around now so it uses some energy too! Win x