25 Ways to Give Your Creativity a Kick

Some ghosts from Facebooks past

February is blogger month on The Moderate Mum. I'm showing some love to all the wonderful writers that have inspired me and hopefully giving back some bloggy love. I've noticed that quite a few people seem to be stuck in a blog rut after Christmas so I'm hoping this post will help to get those blog cogs turning. Creativity can help make any aspect of life shine that bit brighter, so if you don't have a blog these tips might help inspire a more productive workday, more playful parenting or a wonderful weekend adventure.

1. Stroke an animal
2. Take a bath or shower with a cleanser in a new scent
3. Cook without a plan using and use only what's in your cupboards
4. Phone an old friend
5. Write an email to someone you admire and if you're feeling brave send it.
6. Make a playlist of uplifting songs
7. Dance in your kitchen
8. Walk without a destination
9. Ask an older relative about their favourite memory
10. Ask a younger relative about their favourite memory
11. Ask someone you love for their favourite memory of you
12. Watch a film you loved in your childhood
13. Research a subject you've always been interested in
14. Go through your facebook photos from the very beginning
15. Clean out a cupboard
16. Go to a chemist and smell all the perfumes
17. Climb to the top of a big hill
18. Get on a bus going somewhere new
19. Make a vision board from a stack of old magazines
20. Go on hunt for an interesting pebble
21. Build something - a den, a paper plane, a chest of drawers
22. Offer someone help
23. Join a new class
24. Eat breakfast for dinner
25. Sing 

Please share your methods for sparking creativity. 

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  1. A great list with lots of different things to try and waken up all of our senses. I do number 7 a fair bit, but I'm going to try a couple of new things from your list! x #TwinklyTuesday

  2. thats a great idea. Cleaning out a cupboard is deaf on my list. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Do it, it feels soooooo good. I just have to work out how to stop filling it back up with rubbish.

  3. Oooh some great tips there, especially getting on a bus somewhere new! I think going through photo albums of your childhood can be a great one too :-) #twinklytuesday

  4. Nice post
    My favourite childhood film would be Disney's Dumbo. It is awesome. Apparently when I was a kid I used to watch it every day. In fact, I watched it again recently and realised how much it has influenced my creative life.
    What would your film be?
    x A

  5. There's nothing like a new cleanser or moisturiser for a boost! #twinklytuesday

  6. What lovely ideas, and you are so right, creativity can make any aspect of life shine, what a wonderful way of putting it. Fab read, thank you :)

  7. This is a great list. When I'm stuck will come back and have peek :) #bloggerclubuk

  8. Hi, I'm over from Share with Me. I love the idea of asking others about their memories, that's a great way to build relationships as well as spark creativity. Thanks for sharing x

  9. If I danced in our kitchen I'd hurt myself as it's tiny! Great list though. Lots of lovely things here :)

  10. I dance in my kitchen (and at classes) all the time. It does refresh the mind. Going outside also helps. But mostly I just get ideas when out and about anywhere.

  11. I'm going to try some of these, love it! I'm always inspired we by every day life. I take pictures of us going about our week and my post ideas come from the photos I look back on normally x

  12. Creative ideas will bring revolutionary changes in the society; therefore we need to develop our creativity ideas to sharp our knowledge and instinct. Our working style and ideas will prove our creativity and we should work hard to refine it.

  13. All good ideas lovely! I think stepping away is the key. Your ideas stimulate one of the senses & takes your mind off of trying to think of something. Creativity comes on its own & wont be forced to arrive. Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk xx

  14. Great tips and always good to get fresh ideas and thoughts elsewhere and rethink them for yourself and where you are going with them. So lovely of you to share and inspire others. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme