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I'm well into brands. I do my best to fight it, I'm aware of the dangers of excess consumerism but deep down I'm a marketers dream. I think I'm worth it because L'Oreal told me so; I believe Coke is the real thing; I know you can't get better than a Kwik Fit fitter and I don't even drive! Why am I so convinced of these claims? Because each of these brands owns these statements, they pronounce them with conviction and they reaffirm them frequently. 

This process means we trust brands implicitly. The majority of parents have Calpol in the their cupboard, not because it's the only child pain relief on the market, arguably it's not even the best; it's because we all feel safe when we see that sickly pink liquid. 

As a parent you will have unwittingly developed a brand. Maybe you're the super creative mother that sometimes gets a bit shouty. Don't feel bad about that because for a child consistency feels safer than picture perfect with the inevitable, unpredictable blow up. 

It's totally possible to take the good, the bad and the ugly of you and spin it into a beautiful story that tells everyone who you are but you have to remember that your brand is communicated through everything you do and that's where my friend Ceri comes in. Ceri blogs at the brilliant 'Life with Bumps' and is the founder of 'Content Mum' which is full of advice and services to help you build a blissful blog or business. 

Ceri is responsible for my recent blog makeover and as well as being ridiculously warm and alarmingly efficient, she took my crazy rambles, 'I want something simple but not simple, cute but not, like, cutesy...' and turned it into a blog that was 

If you want to make sure your blog is on brand, Ceri is offering Moderate Mum readers an amazing deal for her 'Jazz Up Your Blog' package. See details below and come back on Sunday for the last of my blogger month prizes, an amazing package from Ceri that will take your blog to the next level and beyond. 

Jazz up your blog with Content Mum

New to blogging? Want to stand out from the crowd and get your blog seen?
Love blogging but fallen out of love with your template? Want to upgrade your theme, try some blog branding but don’t know where to start?
I can help.
I’ve blogged on most of the major platforms and what I’ve not used personally I’ve gone out and learned the hard way. I know how difficult it is to find the time to research, write, photograph and edit your posts and that’s all before you start promoting them. Getting your theme or template up to scratch is sometimes the furthest from your mind BUT and it’s a big but, you really want people to love your space and if you have fallen out of love with it, chances are, they won’t love it either.
So, start showing your blog some love this year and get blog branded.
Together we will
  • Create a mood board
  • Create a Blog Branding Kit
  • Create 3 variations of logo
  • Create a blog header and social media headers to match for Twitter & Facebook
  • Upload a theme to your blog and implement all the relevant social functions
  • Give you a blog branding style guide dedicated to your blog so that you post consistently across all platforms at all times, making you  look super professional and ahead of the game.
If booked quoting Moderate Mum all bookings taken before the 29th March 2016 can pay just £100 (50% deposit, 50% on completion)

Photo by didbygraham on Flickr 

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  1. What a great thing to offer, Im still very new to blogging but I like the idea of getting professionals in to help me out in the future for support and guidance x