Create Special Memories with Forever Memory Bears

A life without a teddy bear is a life half lived. My grandmother would take me to Allders every year, it's since gone out of business but at the time it was a fancy pants department store in Croydon. Each November they would bring out a luxury Christmas bear, something that would come in at whopping £40 or £50; by the time I reached my early teens, I started to have more bear than bed. 

My younger brother was a bit more loyal than me. He had a bear that had been handed down at some point and he took him with him EVERYWHERE. He (the bear, although also my brother I guess) was brown and I think he was called Mr Bear or something else original. My brother accidentally left him in coach station one year when we were on our way back from a holiday at Butlins in Skegness; to this day I feel a pang in my heart when I picture his face when he realised what we'd done. 

Bears are more than just play things, bears hold precious memories and some more than most. The little guy pictured is from Forever Memory Bears. They take your much loved baby clothes, uniforms or special pieces and turn them into a beautiful keepsake to be enjoyed for years to come. This bear was made from a collection of my son's newborn babygros, doing nothing but collecting dust under the bed. His arms remind me of silent night feeds; his nose reminds me of walks round the park and I hope in years to come he will help my son to create very special memories of his own. 

Each bear arrives beautifully packaged and with his or her own bear birth certificate. If you are quick, there is just one day left to receive an amazing £30 towards your own forever memory bear with the discount code MODERATE MUM (expires Feb 2016)

If you look after your memories, they'll look after you.

I received a complimentary bear from Forever Memory Bears but all views are my own.

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