Feeling Smug with Tuck n' Snug

The Tuck n Snug, looking gorge on my boys bed (soz about the lack of ironing). 

I don't often do reviews. This is because I don't want to write about something unless I really, truly, no word of a lie, need it in my life and also because my other half is allergic to stuff. He likes clean lines and Scandinavian minimalism - it's a constant battle for a hoarder like me. So when I tell you about a product you know I'm speaking from the heart. Bloggers often say 'X' company reached out to me and blah, blah, blah, freeness...Tuck n' Snug did not reach out to me, I stalked them like a mad stalky thing and luckily rather than applying for a restraining order they sent me set of their bedsheets to review.

I recently wrote about being forced to move my baby into a big boy toddler bed and whilst that's a very exciting rite of passage it comes (as I'm learning every life stage does) with it's own set of problems. I don't know if anyone's noticed but children love to wake up in the night. I guess that's not fair, everyone wakes up in the night; even I stir from time to time. The thing is when I wake up I have the completely normal reaction of feeling delighted that I don't have to get up and enjoy the awesome experience of going back to sleep. Children don't appreciate this, they want to play or have their head patted or have a snack or whatever. I don't have time to be running around pandering to my son's nocturnal needs because I need to dedicate at least seven hours to the hefty task of cell regeneration. Sadly my son didn't get the memo, he is super wriggly and has been since birth. He is so violent in bed he laid to rest any co sleeping dreams I may have toyed with and we put him in a cot from day one. A cot does not allow you to get to grips with the laws of gravity - If you kick off the duvet, the duvet will fall; fallen duvets lead to cold little feet and that means less sleep for mum.

tuck n' snug review bedding toddler kids single duvet toddler bed tucked in
Here's where Tuck n' Snug comes in; it looks like a common or garden duvet cover but say the magic words 'three day delivery' and before your eyes it appears as a superhero, mutant, duvet retaining machine. Here's the secret sauce - flaps. Yeah that's it. Each duvet and accompanying pillow has an extra piece of material sewn onto the edge and this can be pushed under the mattress to keep the duvet in place for an ultra secure nights sleep. More details can be found on their website. You may be thinking - it's just a flap! That's probably what they said to the dude who invented slice bread or the guy who decided to grate cheese and where would we be without those things?

tuck n snug review bedding toddler kids single duvet toddler bed tucked in

Tuck n' Snug was invented by a mum, Annabel Anderson, so she knew what was needed - something simple to use and easy to clean, that gets the job done. With credentials like these I wouldn't care if it was really ugly but it's so cute. Things for kids can often be a little garish, but these crisp white sheets with cute animal design are a kid and parent pleaser. I had no complaints from the little man, so Tuck n Snug is here to stay. Now if only I could find a solution for my YouTube addiction I could get a good nights sleep. 

Tuck n' Snug can be bought online and is available in toddler bed and single bed size.  

I received a complimentary duvet set from Tuck n' Snug but all views are my very own.

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