How parenting is like blogging (or any other job)

You need to be ready to accept JUDGEMENT.  It's strange how freely people comment on parenting they observe, apparently you can assess all my child's needs from his behaviour on a short journey on the number 2 bus. I like to re frame it that my son has thousands of anonymous non-custodial parents, how lucky is he! Judgement is a gift because there's always something to learn from it, even if what you learn is how to be gracious in the face of stupidity. 

You will grow through REFLECTION. There's a temptation to go into parenting with the goal of doing everything perfectly, your precious offspring deserves nothing less right? This is the thing, that's not gonna happen. Even if you are the perfect parent being perfect can be quite intimidating. Rather than being a perfectionist about your blog aim to reflect on your mistakes; you'll gain much more. 

Both blogs and children thrive when their parents are CREATIVE and OPEN MINDED. If something isn't working or you're getting negative feedback you need to be able to roll with the punches and pull the odd rabbit out of your hat. Keeping to a blogging schedule can be tough so you'll have to train yourself to be creative under pressure. Any parent who's tried to convince a child to eat vegetables knows a thing or two about creativity, if you'd like to give your creativity a kick check out my tips.

STAY TRUE TO YOU Ultimately, whatever the other parents or bloggers do, you have to stay true to yourself. If don't your readers will feel it and your children will smell it. Being authentic is sometimes easier said than done, so remember to check in with yourself daily and make sure you're being the best blogger you can be.

And finally, neither work without COMMITMENT; the quality of your efforts may vary across the weeks or months but if you remain dedicated, you'll overcome any obstacle. 

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  1. Great post! thank you for this, as I'm just starting out I do need to be mindful of the comments, and criticism I may receive. I will be saving this post for future reference xx