Treat Social Media like High School

I went to an all girls school and I would love to tell you that all the stereotypes about girls schools are heinous lies but that is not the case. It's all the there - the tsunami of hormones, the lechy form tutors and of course the bitchiness; I had a lovely time! And I learned so much, sadly not about mathematics but certainly about how to stay cool and connected in the most hostile of social environments. So here's what to do...

FIND YOUR TRIBE You're gonna wanna feel part of a gang. There's no point writing about lipstick and then hanging out with a load of real ale enthusiasts. Follow people on social media that share your interests and values and more importantly, talk to them. It's called social for a reason.

Top tips for finding your tribe: Join or start a Facebook group based around your specialism; set up a twitter list of people that you love; search through relevant hashtags daily.

REMEMBER WHAT YOU'RE THERE FOR Don't get too distracted by all the fun and gossip only to come away with a D in French. If your aim with social media is to promote yourself, get out there and do it! If it's to network, get schmoozing.

Top tips for staying focused: Have a schedule for the publishing of promotional tweets and posts; connect with one new person every week.

BE REAL Remember that kid at school who claimed their cousin was Prince but never seemed to be able to produce any evidence - everyone gave that kid a wide berth. Don't be that kid. Don't worry about not being interesting enough, there's someone for everyone. Your life, however mundane it might seem to you, will appeal to many.

Top tips for being real: Let people behind the scenes, being instaperfect can be hard work; ask your friends and family what your best attributes are so you know that you're sharing honestly.

STAND UP TO MEAN GIRLS Where you find people, you find bullies and sadly social media is no exception. Know that 98% of negativity comes from insecurity and that your best bet is to feel sympathy for the pain these people are obviously in and return to your tribe for support.

Top tips for standing up to mean girls: Don't be afraid to delete negative comments, it's your space; don't feed the trolls, it's fine to ignore anyone with spiteful intentions.

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photo credit: Goodwood Revival 2013 via photopin (license)


  1. Yep, yep and yep! The world of social media is a daunting place, especially when you venture outside your freindship circle. Pre blog, I always kept my social media channels super private and only engaged with my real life friends. You hit the nail on the head. I would add don't get too consumed by it, keep it real and don't let it validate you xx

    1. My goodness yes, the other day a young person said to me, what's the most likes you've had on an Instagram picture? And I was like, seriously, is that how we're judging ourselves these days(also the assumption that I even had Instagram)? Of course it didn't reckon on an old lady like me being a blogger xx