Desperate Measures

I'm not sure how clear I've made it on the blog but I really like booze. Giving it up to grow my child was one of the most horrifying challenges of pregnancy and not one I'm eager to repeat. That being said I was recently inspired (as I often am) by Accidental Hipster Mum to go on a February detox. A New Year's health kick seems a bit abrupt to me but February with its hints of spring seemed much more feasible. 

To make sure that my plans didn't come crashing down in a moment of madness, I didn't add any alcohol to our big shop - out went the rioja and in came the raspberries and I was feeling mighty proud of myself. I hadn't bargained for bedtime. Bedtime came and the inevitable drama that accompanies it and after an hour of wrangling, I needed a drink and alas the cupboard was bare. 

Refusing to accept defeat I took all that I had, some gin and a Purdeys multivitamin drink and made myself a cocktail. Not only did it taste acceptable but familiar. I texted my friend to tell her that my magic potion had the same synthetic flavour and tinny aftertaste as one of my favourite university tipples, pineapple Bacardi Breezer; she told me I should write a post about it and so here it is. 

We all have those times when we can't get out the house or we have unexpected guests or we're silly enough to jump feet first into a health kick and desperate times call for desperate measures...

GIN AND JUICE Not a common combination but gin will mix well with most juices. There's also something a bit 1940's jazz club about it, which means you can pretend it's sophisticated. 

VODKA, SODA WATER AND LIME This is a great way to use up that lime you have shrivelling away in the fridge drawer and it's so virtuous it's like you're not even drinking. 

LONG ISLAND ICED TEA No one can remember what's in a Long Island Iced Tea other than a bucket full of booze. Chuck in all the dodgy spirits you've brought back from duty free over the years and then add sugar to take away any bitterness; after one of these you won't care what you're drinking.

ESPRESSO MARTINI You can't tell me that this wasn't invented by a new parent, it's made up of the two things that keep me functioning from week to week. Most recipes call for coffee, vodka and coffee liqueur but you can substitute the liqueur for a bit of that Baileys you won in a raffle in the early noughties. 

FROZEN DAIQUIRI Take the frozen fruit you bought when you were sure you were gonna do the whole smoothie thing; dust off the nutribullet and chuck in some rum. This summer favourite will instantly trasnport you to white sandy beaches, crank up the thermostat and it will be just like being on vacay.

OLD FASHIONED This harks back to the good old days when the only mixer was a bit more alcohol. I sometimes like to have what I call an Old Fashioned without the extras, also known as whiskey. 

I hope this helps but more than that, I hope you never need it. This post is dedicated to my friend V, who is a very classy lady and would never resort to desperate measures. 

What's your favourite tipple? 
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  1. Ha ha. Bacardi Breezers takes me back! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  2. Haha loving the long island ice tea advice! Thanks for the mention :) x

  3. I just pinned this under blogs I heart, so from that y can probably gather I do like the odd drink. I was recently introduced to Long Island iced tea on a hen weekend...ouch!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub...cheers!

  4. Ahahaha I love this post! I love a drink, and I think more so now I'm a mother. Off to make myself another G&T right now xx

    1. Good girl! Someone asked me the other day what is it with mothers and gin?

  5. Oh I love this. I will definitely be revisiting you can tell from my blog name I am also a big booze fan! This week I asked for a margarita for mother's day..we'll see if the husband (on behalf of the 3 month old bubba) brings the goods. #FridayFrolics

  6. I finished off my last bottle of white last night, with the intention to not buy any more (until the weekend, because weekend drinking is okay right?!) And I'm certain I'll be regretting it by tonight! X #coolmumclub

  7. I'm rather partial to a cocktail or three and MOH makes a rocking margherita - but most often it's a large glass of red. Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo