My Given Name Personalised Children's Book (Review)


I am so grateful my son loves reading. What I'm not grateful for is his desire to read the same book over and over again for weeks at a time. You see my boy is obsessed with planes and trains and automobiles. Any form of transportation actually. Most of our days are spent stopping to check the mechanisms of anything we spot with wheels, from diggers to wheely bins. This did not come from me, I'm the girl that asks about your new car and gets bored after the colour. I love reading to my son but the horns beeping and the engines chugging can get tiresome. I wanted to steer him toward something a little more interesting for yours truly and a lot more in line with my parenting goals. That's when I remembered My Given Name, the personalised children's book that is choc full of positive affirmations that help to create positive attitudes and thinking habits. 

The ordering system is simple and you can get a preview of your book before you order it. I absolutely love the beautiful artwork, there's so much to see on every page. This meant the book kept the attention of my little boy and I hope it will continue to do so until he can read along himself. One of my greatest wishes for my son is that he has a positive personal identity, in this tale Bindee the stork meets a variety of characters that share words of wisdom and self affirmation. 

It will be so fun to repeat some of these phrases whilst going about our day. Positive parenting made easy! After ordering your book arrives at blink and you'll miss it speed, so within a week you'll have a brand new favorite bedtime story.

Check out the My Given Name video above and find more details on the website. Books start at £19.95 and they also offer group discounts.

I was given a copy of My Given Name for the purpose of review

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