Mission Aborted - I need some me time

My laptop exploded this week. Okay it didn't explode but #dramaz. Rather than swearing profusely, indulgently sulking and mumbling grumpily at the cat, I hot footed it up to Croydon to borrow my fathers netbook (also known as the thing to check the lotto). No sooner than I had my hands on it I was struck down by a violent stomach flu which left me dazed and largely immobile. At this point I decided to believe that the universe is a friendly place and it was trying to tell me, 'Girl, you need a rest.' So that's what I did. A major component of rest is something commonly known as 'me time'. It's an odd little term, one that implies that the rest of the time you are not yourself but I think what is true is that the rest of the time you are not just yourself. You are yourself and an employee, or a parent, or a friend or a lover or a citizen of the world - with all these roles no wonder life can get a bit exhausting. So instead of a mission this week, I'm taking a break and I hope you do to. If you need some help switching off please watch my video on getting me time in three minutes flat.


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