Mission Acceptance - Mid Year Review

I've been trying to find myself for half a year now. I've been looking in cupboards and under the bed and most of the time I've liked what I've found. As I digest my journey so far, I thought I'd share my most popular missions to date...

Accept you have enough In which I realised it may not be money that makes the world go round.

Accept what you want I broke down how to get what I want on a daily basis and it felt gooood.

Accept the good in your life I found the only thing better than finding good things is sharing them. 

Accept love is an action I'm no good at grammar but I know love is a verb. 

Accept your truth Being honest was less scary than I thought it would be.

I have written about the good and the bad of being me over the last few months but to be honest just reading this list gives me the feels, so over the coming months I want to try and focus on the positive. If you'd like to join me on my mission you can sign up here, you'll also get an early invite to my new project that Mission Acceptance has inspired and automatic entry to every comp on the blog. 

If you have any ideas for my future missions, give me a shout!