Treat your daily routine like a game of baseball

Do you have a routine? 
What routine are you using? 
You need a routine?

When you have a baby people talk about getting the routine right so often that you'll wonder if you got drunk and signed up to be a Vegas showgirl. The problem is the thing most likely to get in the way of consistency is a kid - falling asleep, not falling asleep and pooping at the most inopportune of times is just not routine friendly. Of course you do need one - what other lifeboat will you cling to in the stormy sea of parenthood. I know some parents claim to reject any semblence of a routine but if you're reading this I dare say you aim to function within society in some way and that will involve at least a few daily goals. Whether you want to read to you child or start your next novel this video explains why I think you should treat your day like a baseball game.

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  1. Loved this Charlene. I'm not sure I've ever made the home run, but getting to third base is a good day :) Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  2. Love the video! Agreed - trying to have the same routine every day doesn't work!

  3. Great video. Your comments on the stick-figure at the beginning made me laugh!