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Roscoe's dad took him to a festival lately, although he assured me that my heart and soul son would be safe, I didn't want to take any chances so I sent them off with ID tags, reins and a high visibility belt. Apparently they had a lovely (and very safe) time. Afterwards Graham told me he didn't even need the tags as Roscoe's festival wristband was linked to his mobile phone - awww the beauty of modern technology. Some of us old fuddie duddies can get a bit grumbly about these new fangled things with their buzzing and location stalking but I have to admit that if innovation is going to help me to parent, I'm all for it. 

That's where KidzInMind comes in. We all know children are obsessed with iphones and tablets and they can be fantastic - entertaining, educational and a wonderful distraction in mid range restaurants but how can we feel confident that everything they're accessing is good for our children? The KidzInMind app has no inappropriate language or adverts and has a whole host of games and apps so that your child can enjoy an experience individual tailored to their likes and needs. One of my favourite features is the parental control, allowing you to call time without having to wrestle the darn tablet from their grubby little mitts. 

If you'd like to try KidzInMind, follow KidzInMind on Twitter or join Mission Acceptance. Five lucky readers will win a month's free access to the app. 

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