The #LittleOnes Tag - Life according to Roscoe

I don't think there's a parent anywhere that hasn't wondered, what is going on in that kids head? I love the series #LittleOnes interviews because we finally get to find out what they really think. Grounded Mummy found out that her angel has very good taste in music over on her post and tagged me to do an interview of my own. My little lad does not  have the communication skills to answer the questions, so I've completed them for him...

  1. How Old Are You? Depends who's asking
  2. When Is Your Birthday? All day everyday mofos
  3. How Old Is Daddy? 3
  4. How Old Is Mummy? 83
  5. What’s Your Favorite Colour? Mudstained brown
  6. What’s Your Favorite Food? Any food offered to me by someone who isn't my parent
  7. What's Your Favourite Drink? Sugar water, heavy on the e numbers
  8. Who’s Your Best Friend? My Grandma who I am planning a parenting coup with
  9. What’s Your Favorite Programme? I worship at the church of Peppa
  10. What’s Your Favorite Song? My own tuneless remix of Old MacDonald
  11. What’s Your Favorite Animal? My family cat, although the love is unrequited
  12. What Is your Favourite Book? Maisie Makes Gingerbread, didn't see that ending coming. In fact I haven't read it in the last four minutes, where is that bad boy?
  13. What Are You Scared Of? Falling asleep at a reasonable hour 
  14. What Makes You Happy? Waking mummy up at an unreasonable hour 
  15. What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do? Have epic meltdowns in really public places 
  16. Where Is Your Favourite Place To Go? Anywhere completely inappropriate for children 
  17. What Do You Want To Do Today? Raise hell
  18. What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? A mechanic or a criminal mastermind
  19. What Do You Like Helping Mummy Do? Pulling every item out off the kitchen cabinets 
  20. What Do You Like Helping Daddy Do? Destroying any room mummy has recently tidied
  21. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Mummy? She does her very best to keep me safe
  22. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Daddy? He lets me do unthinkably dangerous things when mummy isn't around

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  1. hahaha! This made me laugh out loud...Great answers x

    1. Thanks hun, I think Roscoe has the last laugh though x