3 myths about the little blue pill

The little blue pill, otherwise known as Viagra, is an effective erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment that is used by many men to help tackle their sexual problems. Also sold under its generic name sildenafil citrate, Viagra can help men get and maintain an erection that is adequate for sexual intercourse.

Viagra is a popular prescription-only treatment that has been around as an ED medicine since the late 1990s. Men can be prescribed Viagra by their GPs or by a medical professional via an online pharmacy such as Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy. However, despite the fact it’s been around for many years, it can be difficult to decipher what’s true and what’s not when it comes to the little blue pill. So, let’s debunk some of the myths associated with this particular treatment.

The more pills people take, the more effective it is

A major Viagra-related misconception is that the more pills people take, the more effective it will be. In actual fact, men should only take one pill within a 24-hour period, and they shouldn’t take it alongside any other ED treatment. For best results, they should take the pill on an empty stomach about an hour before they intend to have sex and avoid drinking more than two units of alcohol as this can make it less effective.

It gives an instant erection

Another common misunderstanding about this treatment that it instantly gives an erection until it eventually wears off. In truth, it’s only possible for men to gain an erection after taking Viagra when they are sexually aroused. Without stimulation, the penis will remain flaccid. The effects of the treatment can last between four and five hours. It’s important to note that this does mean an erection will last this long - it simply means men should be able to gain an erection within this time frame. Also, Viagra is not immediately effective - it can take just under an hour to work if taken on an empty stomach.

It can affect fertility

It’s assumed by some people that using Viagra can damage sperm and lead to infertility. The reality is, the little blue pill has not been proven to harm a man’s fertility. In fact, it’s more likely for Viagra to have a positive effect on fertility due to the fact it can make sex easier.

While this post may help bust some of the most common myths about the little blue pill, it’s important that anyone planning to take this treatment reads the instructions carefully before use or speaks to a medical professional if they have any further questions about it.

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