Litter your home with joy - Peach Perfect Happy Hopperz

One of the most devastating effects of becoming a parent is the fact that your home is always, always littered with crap. You feel like you're stuck in a never ending cycle of picking up Lego. Being pretty housework averse I have come up with a cunning solution to this - buy, toys that you like looking at. This is where Peach Perfect comes in, they have loads of toys so cute you'll actually want them strewn all over your floor. 

They kindly sent me one of their Happy Hopperz. This toy comes perfectly packed in a slim box and takes a minute to assemble with the handy pump provided. Not only is the hopper a lot of fun but it helps strengthen core muscles and develop coordination. It's a perfect complement for my sons physiotherapy and I've loved watching his confidence grow as he uses it. 

It's currently available at £21.50, which I think is great value and more to the point - look how cute it is! He's become part of the family. To get your hands on a Happy Hopperz and much more visit Peach Perfect.

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