The real reason you're a bitch

I know what you're thinking, I'm not a bitch, I just know a little bit better than everyone else. Get real. If you ever speak negatively to anyone or about anyone and feel a frisson of satisfaction, you're a bitch and that's okay, most of us are. Perhaps bitchiness is an evolutionary advantage preventing us from focusing on our own inadequacies; certainly some people have made quite a success of being a bitch and more power to them. The key thing you have to acknowledge is why you're a bitch and the answer isn't because the world is full of idiots.

You're insecure. And aren't we all a little bit low on stock in the self worth department sometimes? However, if your self esteem is so low that the only method you have to address it is pulling other people down to your sad little level - you're a bitch

You hang with bitches. Lie with dogs and you get fleas as the saying goes, just like biting your nails or leaving the tiniest scraping of butter left in the tub (what is WRONG with you people) bitching can be a bad a habit we pick up from the people around us. I experienced this when I first started reading blogs and discovered the site GOMI. The site was started to call out the of bloggers for their often shady practices. I always applaud a bit of accountability and soon I was logging in daily; before I knew it I was joining in with the commentary and to be honest it felt pretty good. Then a story surfaced about blogger Emily Meyers, who had shared a post about her husbands cancer diagnosis. The GOMI girls accused her of fabricating the illness for cash money and page clicks and the site users became a virtual hate mob. Sadly it was only at this point that I realised that I was not involved in idle gossip but that I was playing a role in attacking vulnerable families and I moonwalked out of that shit. Months later Emily's husband passed away. If you have found yourself in the situation at work or amongst friends where bagging on other people has become par for the course, it might be time for a bitch cleanse.

You don't know any better. The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree and sometimes it just lies there and rots. The people who shape our early years shape it for the good and the bad. Do you remember your mother sniping about the neighbour's front garden? Or feeling gleeful as your grandmother expressed how badly behaved your cousins were? You can end the cycle. Let the next generation know that positivity reigns.

You're bored and you're lazy. If you can't be bothered to shake your booty and create positive change in your life don't make that someone else's problem. I have been known to have a little swipe at people that like long distance running - how boring to spend all that time alone, just putting one foot after another. Of course it's so much more stimulating to watch episodes of Judge Judy that YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN. If you have an itch to bitch don't ignore it. It probably means there's something in your own life that needs a fixin'. Why not put the energy you would expend being negative into sorting your own stuff out. 

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photo credit: Hello there! via photopin (license)