A quick love your life tip - face yoga (WEATHERED PENNY GIVEAWAY UK & IRELAND)

I found Face Yoga when I was in one of those YouTube black holes, you know you can't sleep and you realise you've always wanted to know how cerviche is made and then you find yourself watching a pie eating contest and then you find yourself watching an extreme makeover and then that leads you to Face Yoga. At first I watched it with bemusement, how could moving your face around make you look youthful? I mean I spend all day gabbing and eating - I should look like a toddler. Still I watched and I listened and Fumiko, the face yoga expert that I had stumbled upon seemed filled with so much joy that I couldn't help but believe there was something in it. Anyway what did I have to lose? The worst that could happen was I look like a bit of a plonker in the privacy of my own home. The great thing about face yoga is it really is a no excuse beauty regime - no equipment, no outfit - just a few minutes and your face. In order to test the method I have been trying to tighten my chin for a month. Is it tighter? I believe so. Is this change noticeable to the casual observor? I very much doubt it. I mean I'm fairly confident I could achieve much more dramatic results with a contouring kit and a steady hand but I'm still going to keep up face yoga for the following reasons:

REASON ONE: It feels like I'm being proactive. I'm trying to look aging in the eye and say you don't scare me!

REASON TWO: It feels good. I'd love to work out every morning but until that happens this is a step in the right direction in terms of getting the blood pumping.

REASON THREE: It's a nice ritual. Doing the same thing every morning and night creates a nice bookend to the day. Face yoga, like yoga yoga is quite relaxing.

REASON FOUR: I'm fairly sure looking like a plonker is good for the soul.

If you want to try Face Yoga this video will show you how you've been putting your moisturiser on wrong all this time!

Leave a comment telling me your favourite beauty tip and have a chance to win this lovely pendant.

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  1. Not really a trick but i use baby oil to remove mascara. All the makeup removers i tried irritates skin around my eyes but baby oil works like magic.
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  2. I get really dry skin in the winter and if there's a day where no one has to see my face, I leave my make up off and cover it with coconut oil. It makes me super shiny but an hour or two later, I wash my face again and use my normal moisturiser and I feel like a soft skinned seductress (or some other alliterative word) x

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