Drive Safe this Christmas with Chill Insurance

I've spoken before about how Christmas isn't my favourite time of year but if I'm honest my issue is more with the build up. Once the day arrives I usually find myself having a festive time, like exercise and taxes the anticipation is worse than the thing itself. And the worst part of the Christmas experience? Getting there. Like many, I've moved around a lot in my life and no longer live walking distance to the bosom of my family. Most years this has meant a long drive home for Christmas. As a family we've never had a car so it has meant hiring one and taking on the stress of navigation, packing and weak bladders that can come along with family car journeys. For families like mine that don't often take long journey's it's so important to remind yourself of car safety before any trip and for everyone it's crucial to take extra care during this season of adverse weather and long, dark nights. That's why I'm collaborating with Chill Insurance to offer some really great car safety tips:

Drive significantly slower: I know you're in a rush to get this partay started but it's better to be late and safe than not arrive at all. Face it, the party never starts til you get there.

Approach bends and corners with care: When you go back to your home town you can be lulled into a false sense of security. You may know these roads like the back of your hand but you don't know what's round every corner. Drive as if you don't know the roads even if you've driven them most of your life. 

Avoid driving in foggy conditions unless it's absolutely necessary: No, Auntie Pam's Christmas cake does not count as a necessity. 

Slow down before driving in large puddles: Racing through puddles is not fun and it's not clever. Just because it's the party season doesn't mean we have to be silly. 

Plan your route: We've all come to rely on technology for, well everything but SIRI can't replace some good old fashioned planning. Make sure you check reports about accidents and weather conditions before you leave and plan the safest, not the quickest, route. 

Pack an emergency kit: Blankets, jumpers, torch, water, snacks because car's don't always break down in convenient locations. Your emergency kit should be your priority packing, your sisters new hair straighteners won't keep you safe on a deserted country road. 

Please download Chill Insurance's ebook containing a complete overview of winter driving safety and whilst you're there check out their super cheap car insurance. Wishing you a wonderful, safe Christmas. 

This post was written in collaboration with Chill Insurance

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