Welcome to Fugland

I've been a fug since 1997. Okay, it's been since about November but that feels like twenty years ago. The thing about fugs is that you don't know that you're in it until you're waaaay in it, until the walls of fug are so high, they feel like they're about to cave in. And then it feels like it's too late, like you'll never climb out but I'm here to tell you it's not. It's never too late. Life is not a party, you won't be kicked out when the po po get called. This post is a 'do as I say not as I do' one because at the moment I'm more about the theory than the practice but I believe in what I'm saying. I have to believe that if I do some of the shit I'm gonna list, the cobwebs will clear from my eyes and some light will get in. I have to believe that one day the hours stumbling through fugland will be a distant memory. If you're also a citizen of Fug City I hope this list might inspire you too and if you're not - prevention is better than cure. 

1. WALK - It's easy, it's free; do it fast enough and it gives you that smug cardio feeling. You can whack your tot in the buggy and put on an inspirational podcast and it's almost like me time. 

2. BREATHE - Every time I pay attention to my breath I realise I'm not breathing. I mean I am breathing because, like, I'm alive but I'm taking these crappy shallow breaths, it's as if my body thinks oxygen is rationed. Check that you're breathing deeply, greedily at least once a day. 

3. CREATE - When I'm just existing, I stop creating. As adults I think we can let the ego take over, start to think that everything we create has to be THE THING. Just make, imagine, play - take a picture on your phone, finger paint with your kid, anything to pry open your mind. 

4. MOVE - In a non prescriptive, judgement free way. It's great to get to a class or follow a programme but these can take time and energy that you cannot spare. I like to dance at the bus stop or just touch my toes (you can bend your knees), if only to remind myself I still can. 

5. GIVE THANKS - Ugh, I know, it's so blogger 101 but really it works. There is SO MUCH to be thankful for - magically appearing bluebells, warm donuts in the supermarket. Stop and acknowledge, or better yet make a list and reread the list when the storm clouds threaten. 

6. GIVE GIFTS - The only time I really, truly stop feeling sorry for myself is when I'm being of use to someone else; oh the joy of motherhood, for I get to do this everyday. Don't forget to give a little gift to yourself. Treat yourself to the good coffee or an extra long, extra hot bath. If your child was in a hole you'd lift them out and offer them love and care, so it's time to put your oxygen mask on first. 

What do you do to get out of a fug?