19 totally sucky things about motherhood (for balance)

1. Rejection. Cold, straight rejection. I don't want your boob, I don't want your kiss, I don't want you.

2. Responsibility. Get up early, get out the house, don't drink vodka (much).

3. Feeling alone, even when you're not.

4. That learning to ride a bike feeling - what if I fall?

5. Become accustomed to a new identity.

6. Being told how you can do it better, and secretly knowing it's true

7. Time. Where's my time? Why did you take all my time!?

8. Being a role model, when you're not in the mood for f**king role modelling.

9. Being forced to think about someone else.

10. Knowing you will make a lifetime worth of mistakes and feeling powerless about it.

11. Having to try your best, even when you don't feel like it.

12. Seeing the worst bits of yourself in someone else.

13. Having more things to say yes to. Another birthday party, how wonderful!!!

14. Taking three times as long to do even the most mundane things.

15. Discovering a whole new branch of the internet and all the scary information that lives there.

16. Realising you can never be ready for it.

17. Understanding yourself on a deep and sometimes painful level.

18. Believing you no longer have time to reach your dreams.

19. Love. Loving someone so much it hurts.

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  1. Balance - I like how you've shared both sides of the parenting coin!