25 ways to say no to a child

We'll have to ask Mum/Dad/Grandma/Your teacher/The neighbour 

We'll do it later

We'll do it tomorrow

We can do that when it's not raining 

Next week 

Next year 

When you'd older 

That's for grown ups 

That's for babies 

Batman doesn't do that 


We'll see 

I'll think about it 

Mum/Dad/Grandma/Your teacher/The neighbour says no

We'll save that for a special occasion 

If you're good

When we have more time 

I don't know how to do that 

It's not open today 

You won't like that 

You had that before and you didn't like it 

I've done that before and I know you won't like it 

That will make your tongue green 

I don't believe that meets acceptable health and safety requirements 


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