Build your dream home in your current one

Before I moved to Brighton I lived on the top floor of a modernised 1920's council block. It had huge wrought iron gates and a carefully, cultivated courtyard, maintained with no compensation other than appreciation by the couple at number 1. I loved closing that gate behind me, it felt like an oasis from the dizzying bustle of the East London streets outside it. It made me feel safe and if there's anything an anxiety sufferer with an overactive imagination needs, it's to feel safe.

Despite this, it wasn't my dream home, the flat was London sized and this limited my options in terms of decor. One day I was lamenting this to my partner and told him, 'In the future, I want a room with a wall of books.' He laughed and I started to mentally prepare a rant about how he never takes me seriously and how he refuses to support my vision. Before I could deliver it he said, 

'If you want a wall of books, we'll get you a wall of books.' And that's what we did. The next day we ordered two Billy bookcases and dragged my moving boxes of books out the loft and shortly after I had a wall of literature and I was so, so happy. 

So I want to tell you today not to wait, don't let your dream home fester in the recesses of your mind, with a little work and a lot of imagination you can create it where you live today. 

The library. We may never be lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to reading (everyone wants that right?) but a little nook is just as comforting. All you need is a high shelf, an easy chair and some good lighting and you're good to go. 

The designer kitchen. Nothing says posh kitchen like an island. Chopping mushrooms is much more joyful in the centre of the room. If you've got the space but you can't afford a redesign, you can fake it with a kitchen trolley; and for that light flooded feel, no need to rip out any walls, check out the VELUX roof windows shop to create a huge sense of space in the space you have. 

The hotel room bedroom. Before I had my son, my mum bought me a fancy duvet and it made a tough time, all the better. Add some plush sheets to that and trust me you won't need anything else in your boudoir.

The beautiful touches. As they say accessories make the outfit, you can upgrade your home with just a handful of simple pieces that draw the eye. I love the range at H&M  and Homesense is my go to for frames and cushions. Small changes can make a big difference, so why not have a new dream every week.  

In collaboration with VELUX roof windows 

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