4 Ways to Deal With a Growing Fashion Collection

Perhaps you’ve recently gained an interest in fashion, or maybe you’ve discovered a new clothing brand that you can’t stop buying from. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can accumulate clothing and shoes. Before you know it, you might be drowning in clothes that you no longer wear or aren’t currently in fashion.

As a result, it’s normal to store these clothes away. Sometimes, selling your clothes to others (especially designer-labels or rare finds) can be quite the hassle and it’s difficult to judge the price of it. Unless you’re in need of money, there’s absolutely no problem with keeping your clothes for a later date. Sadly, that’s only true if you have the space for it.

If you’re in serious need of a larger wardrobe, then here are four tips to help you deal with a growing fashion collection without investing too much in new storage.

Don’t Leave Your Clothing Laying Around The worst thing you can do is leave your clothing items laying around. Be it too many coats on hangers near the entrance of your home or shoes laying around, it doesn’t give your guests a good impression of you and it can actually make you feel like you’re buying way too many things. Clutter can actually cause stress, so if you don’t want to be pressured into selling unused clothing items, get a shoe storage cabinet, pack coats and jackets away if they aren’t in use, and don’t leave clothing lying around!

Use a Vacuum Storage System You can place clothing in vacuum-sealed bags to drastically reduce the amount of space they take up. This is perfect if you want to keep clothes out of the way because they’re not in season or out of fashion (at least, for now!). It saves a great deal of space, keeps them fresh and clean for when you need them and it doesn’t much to invest in a good-quality vacuum-packing system for your clothes. It’s fast, easy and will help a great deal with your growing fashion collection.

Keep Your Closet Ventilated If you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe or closet, then make sure it’s ventilated. Clothes need to breathe so you don’t want to keep them in damp environments or trapped in plastic bags when you don’t use them. If you’re going to store clothes for a long period of time, make sure they’re packed away properly and not just tossed aside in your basement.

Learn How to Treat Your Clothes Properly Every piece of clothing needs to be treated differently. If you’re treating everything the same way then you’ll not only damage certain types of clothing, but you could ruin an otherwise perfect item. Learn how to wash certain garments, learn what you need to fold and what you need to hang, and make sure you use the correct items to keep moths away from your collection so you don’t damage clothing or attract unwanted pests.

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