4 ways to prevent your house being filled with kid junk

I like things and I like to see all my things, all the time. I love looking at chic, minimalist living spaces online but the idea of living in one leaves me cold. Seeing my stuff brings me joy, sorry Marie. I don't think my home looks bad, I'm not ready for an intervention or anything but it could be described as cluttered. That being said having a kid can take a home from cluttered to chaos and if you're sick of impaling yourself on stray Lego during your nocturnal loo run, here's some things you could try...

Borrow Toys can be for Christmas and not for life. Exchanging with friends or signing up to a local toy library is a great way to allow your little one to enjoy that must have plaything for the five minutes they'll be enamoured with it.

Buy cheap, buy twice When my son sees a charity shop he shouts, 'New toys!' You may see a three wheeled car but he sees brand new things to take home. Most of his favourite toys have come from local second hand shops and I always feel chuffed when he is running round the house with a fifty pence find. 

Ban adverts We always used to watch TV in the mornings, until one day Roscoe stood up and said, 'I want to play with it!' I followed his little finger to the screen where a happy, blonde child was delighting at a cartoon branded piece of plastic. From that point I thought, 'Oh, hell no!' We now watch DVDs or stream programmes and shopping trips remain pester free.

Hide it There's a cupboard in my kitchen filled with toys. It started with a little piano, it's plink, plink, plinking was haunting me in my dreams. I shoved it in the cupboard simply to protect my sanity and then I forgot about it. So did Roscoe. A few weeks later I was looking for some light bulbs and I found it, sad and alone. When I pulled it out it was like Christmas (without the hangover). Roscoe was so excited to see it again that he played with it for at least twenty four minutes. Now I regularly stow away things for a rainy day, just remember where you put them.

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  1. as I'm reading this I'm supposed to be cleaning up toys. I'm planning a major purge today while my daughter is in school! #anythinggoes

  2. Good tips! I make my daughter keep all her toys in her room, unless of course she's playing with them. At least of an evening I can't see any toys! #DreamTeam

  3. I've already had to warn family about buying toys for Christmas. Both myself and hubby have 4 siblings each so we get a lot of 'crap' for Christmas and birthdays. I recently had a clear out of what felt like loads of stuff but we still have loads more! I feel your pain. #AnythingGoes

  4. Adverts are so bad at making the kids want stuff! We barely watch normal TV so escape most of it! #anythinggoes

  5. We have big baskets and everything gets piled in them at the end of the day! We live in Tanzania (expats) and luckily we don't have access to all the toys and treats we would if we still lived in Uk, there's much less temptation. It's so hard for kids when it's right under there noses, good shout on the tv banning! #DreamTeam