7 Things You Might Regret Not Enjoying More in Pregnancy

For anyone that has been pregnant before, you will know how special it is. Regardless of how sick you might have felt, you know that it is a special time and your body is doing something amazing; growing a human! But at the time, you might not appreciate it as it happens. But you never know if you’ll be having more children (or if you even want more children). So learning to embrace all aspects of pregnancy is something that many women regret. If you’re pregnant for the first time, then try to embrace it all now and as it happens. So here are a few things that you might regret not enjoying more as it happens. Can you relate? Are there any other things that you would add to the list?


Trying For a Baby. Some people try; for other people, it just happens. But if you are in the ‘trying’ camp, and it hasn’t happened the way that you have wanted it to or is taking longer than you want it to, then try to just embrace that time with your other half. Trying for a baby can take the romance out of it a little, so bring that back into the equation. You never what will happen when it is all a lot less regimented and organised.

Finding Out You’re Pregnant. If there is ever a time to have completely mixed feelings about something, then it will be when you find out that you are having a baby. It can be met with fear, shock, and horror. But for most people, there will be some joy in the mix too. So try to focus on the happy parts of finding out that you’re pregnant and just what a miracle it is. A lot of people can feel anxious about finding out that they are pregnant, which can only lead to them feeling happy about it much later on. So look for the positives, and enjoy it all. You are not likely to want to regret not feeling happy that you were pregnant with your little.

Pregnancy Reveal. These days are there some really elaborate ways to tell people that you’re expecting a baby. So I’m not saying that you have to announce the pregnancy in one of those ways to really embrace and enjoy it. However, it is the one time in your life when you can have some real fun with it. You can trick family and friends, pull a prank or just make a cute announcement. I think that a lot of people regret not marking the occasion more when they simply tell people. So get on Pinterest if something more elaborate takes your fancy, and get creative. Have fun with it and embrace this stage of your life.

Documenting The Pregnancy. There are so many fun ways to document your pregnancy at the moment. If you’re on social media, no doubt you will have seen lots of fun ways to document your pregnancy. From a daily photograph of your bump to making a time-lapse video, there are lots of creative ways to go about it. Even if you just keep it for you to look back on, it can be a lovely memory to have. There are even apps that will send you a reminder to take a belly picture and then will put together a little video for you. So it is easy and fun to do.

Another thing that more and more people are looking to do when they’re pregnant is to make a cast of their baby bump for a physical memory of it all. So just like you might make some baby casts of their hands and feet when they’re born, a cast of your bump could be a fun way to document your pregnancy. So if you are pregnant and haven’t been doing much to document it, you might want to start doing something, so you don’t regret it later on. Personal choice, of course, though.


Baby Shopping. When it is your first child, you can get a little overwhelmed with all that you need to get for them. But to be real, there are only a handful of things that they need to have right from the start. You can get things as you go along. But regardless of when you choose to get things for your baby, it is important to enjoy it all. Of course, it is going to cost you a fair bit of money. But what a special time in your life to be doing this? Have fun doing the shopping for your baby and embrace it all. There are so many cute things out there to coo over, so try to enjoy it while you can.

Body Changes. It can be hard to see your body changing in so many ways and so quickly. It can be overwhelming and get you down. But at the end of the day, it is important to remember that you are growing a human! Your body has to change to accommodate the life it is growing. And as long as you are doing some gentle exercise and eating well, then you won’t have to worry. Your body will get back to itself sooner rather than later. Embrace the changes, but make sure that you’re eating well and taking care of yourself as you did before.

Resting. When you go on maternity leave just before your baby is born, then you have all of the time in the world. So embrace resting and doing whatever you want to do, before it is too late! Even when the baby is born, they will sleep quite a lot of the time to start with. So choose something to read or watch that you can enjoy, almost uninterrupted. Because as soon as your baby is a couple of months older, you will no longer enjoy such peace, as you’ll have a crawler or toddler to contend with. So enjoy all of these stages as they go along.

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