Career Crisis? Useful Advice That You ( And Your Career) Can Benefit From

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If only it were possible to go back in time to the honeymoon phase of your career. The time when your job meant everything to you; you didn’t have to set the alarm to wake up because you were always so excited to see what a new day would bring. Nowadays that spark you had for your career has gone, and you can’t help but wonder why you lost your passion.

Remember when you first started your job? Just like when you first start dating someone new, every part of your job excited you. Even those time-consuming morning meetings that you have now come to dread, you once loved. After a few years though, your love for your career (and work meetings) has begun to dwindle, and now you are starting to wonder whether this is it, and you can't stop wondering if this is where you are going to be for the rest of your life.

The good news is that there are ways that you can rekindle the love that you once had for your career. Bearing that in mind, the question is: how can you bring back the spark and learn to love your career again?

Take a step back Burning out is a common reason for no longer enjoying your career. Ask yourself, are you working too hard and doing too much? Think about it for a moment, because if you are overdoing it, this could easily be the reason behind your lost love for your career. You can’t enjoy your work when you are under constant stress, worry, and strain. Instead of quitting your job, talk to your boss and explain how you feel; tell them how overworked you are and the impact it is having. They may be able to offer you a sabbatical of a couple of weeks, to give you time to unwind and de-stress. This will give you some much-needed time to think; if you can’t take a sabbatical, use a few days of your vacation time instead. By taking a step back, you will feel better for it.

Make changes There are some things in life you can control, and others that you can’t. You can’t control who your boss promotes but you can control the skills, experience, and knowledge that you have. Do you love the sector that you are in but hate the lack of change in your role? Then perhaps now could be time to do something about that. You can’t make your boss promote you, but you can make yourself more appealing by taking the initiative to improve your knowledge and skills. Say, for example, you work as a nurse, then you could opt to take an online course, such as one that Our Lady of the Lake offers. Wondering what Makes Our Lady of the Lake Online RN-BSN Nursing Unique? The fact it’s an online option, meaning that you can work and learn at the same time, makes it a unique option. There are all sorts of online courses, from ones in nursing to ones in marketing and business, beauty, fashion, and many other areas. Look at the big picture; if there is something that you want to achieve, you need to find a way to make achieving that goal more likely.

Think about happiness Ask yourself, when were you last happy at work? Think about what you wish that you could be doing with your life. If the answer to that looks nothing like your current career, then this is a sign you may be working in the wrong sector. However, if it does look similar to your current role, then that’s a sign that you and your job are meant to be, it’s just that a few small changes may need to be made, that’s all. It may be that you love your job but hate how you do it. Perhaps your working environment isn’t a good fit for you - maybe you would be better suited to remote working? Or, perhaps it’s the way you structure your day - maybe it doesn’t allow you to cater to your personal needs? Think about whether your career makes you happy, and if it doesn’t, how it could do with a few small changes.

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Be clear about what you want Why do so many of us wait until our exit meetings to tell our employers the truth? There is a common misconception that employers know exactly what their team members want but just don’t want to make their dreams a reality, when actually this is rarely the case. If the reason that your passion for your job has been lost is because you aren’t getting the changes that you need, such as being promoted, then you need to ask yourself, does your boss know what you want from your career? If the answer is no, or you are unsure, tell them what you want and see what their reaction is. If you want a role change, ask your boss. If you need more flexibility on your working hours, tell them that. If it’s a pay rise you are after, ask. The fact is your boss may have no idea that you are feeling how you are, which is why it’s so important to make them aware. Don't presume that they know, because the chances are they are totally unaware of how you (or any of their other employees for that matter) feel.

Keep your eyes on the prize Climbing the career ladder is no easy task. However, it can be a worthwhile one. If you are on the way to achieving your dreams, it is vital that you keep your eyes on the prize. It might be a slow process - achieving your career goals - but if you are already getting closer to them, it pays to be mindful of the end result, regardless of how much you dislike what you are currently doing at work. Keep working hard and soon enough you will achieve your aspirations and should once again love your job.

The fact is that every so often, we end up in a career crisis, asking ourselves whether what we are doing is right for us. The truth is that sometimes it is and we are just in need of a pick me up or a break, other times we aren’t doing what we should be, which is why our careers are no longer exciting us. Take charge of the situation, determine what you want and need, and make change happen.

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