How to Make the 1st Birthday a Special One

How to Make the 1st Birthday a Special One When your child turns one it’s a big deal for you but let’s be honest, not so much for them.  It’s literally just another day for your little bundle of joy. Just because they don’t quite understand the idea of birthdays yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a fuss.  After all, twelve months is a big accomplishment – both for baby and parents! It deserves celebrating. So here are some ideas how to make their 1st birthday a special one for them and for you.

Gifts Ideas There are two main lines of thought about presents for the first birthday – go for something that will be a keepsake or go for something they will enjoy right know.  Alternatively you can go for both.  Keepsake presents will often be given by other people such as personalised picture frames, keepsake boxes and moneyboxes so it might be worth waiting to see what comes from family and friends.  After all, baby isn’t going to know if their present is a day or two late.

The other approach is to go for something that they will enjoy playing with immediately.  Rocking horses or variety of other animals are a popular choice at the moment and these can last two or three years.  You will need to help them at first but as they get a little older, they will spend a lot of time rocking by themselves.
Toys that help them stand and walk are also a good first birthday present.  Everything from toy tractors, foot to floor cars to upright vacuum cleaners and other walker style toys make a great first birthday present and allow them to get a little independence as they get to their feet.

Celebrate Being A Parent The other thing to remember about the first birthday is that you should celebrate being a parent for a year, whether it is your first child or not.  Most parents will say that the first twelve months can be the biggest challenge and you should take some time to celebrate what you have achieved in that year.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good excuse for a party!

Lots of people now have a party for their kid’s first birthday and invite friends and kids of all ages.  Okay the birthday boy or girl won’t likely remember the event but you can take pictures and show them when they are older.  And it is a good excuse to get everyone together and to get your baby used to larger gatherings with lots of people around.

Don’t Stress About It One thing not to do for the first birthday is to stress about it.  As everyone says, you could give the baby a cardboard box as a present and they would love it.  So, set yourself a budget and a plan for what you want to do then just enjoy the event.  Make some memories that you can all look back on in years to come and use the day as an excuse to relax and take it easy, it is just the first of many birthdays after all.

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