Making Stress Work For You

There are many things in life that are deemed to be stressful activities, from marriage to childbirth, life has its moments of total and utter meltdown. Stress is a leading cause of anxiety, insomnia and for some people, weight gain. But is the cure for stress about outlook or is it about management? Could you actually change your perspective on life with a simple switch in your priorities and your viewpoint?

Stress affects different people in different ways and it’s how we handle our stress that defines us in a big way. Stressful situations can make some feel powerless, unhappy and in the extreme, sick. Sickness caused by stress is often in the mind and is difficult to process because it manifests as physical symptoms. You may react to stress by developing a cold or symptoms similar to a cold, because your immune system is run down and thus reacting to the extra difficulties on your mind. There are those, however, who are able to turn their stress into something positive, and that’s the part to focus on.

If you could turn a stressful period in your life to an advantage, would you ever be stressed out again? When it’s harnessed correctly, stress can have a positive effect on the mind and body and the reaction is empowerment and determination instead of worry and sickness. You could feel empowered and ready to take on the world when you learn to embrace your stressful situation and make it work for you. This is opposed to fighting the stresses and giving yourself something to worry about. When you’re going through a tough time at home, such as a separation and starting over after a long time together, your stress levels are likely to be through the roof. The fight or flight response within you will be fighting to the surface and instead of taking the route of flight, fighting by doing things like buying a house during a divorce or getting yourself out into the world and getting on with life can help you minimise the fear and make you feel in charge. Stress can sharpen your memory, as your body switches into protective mode to look after itself. Take advantage of that moment and roll with it.

You go through life experiencing and overcoming stressful moment after stressful moment, but changing your outlook can transform your life. Imagine that you could face something stressful, take a deep breath and push through it without it hurting you? Empowerment is so much more than coping with something stressful and there are so many ways you can empower yourself. Losing a relationship, a job, a friend; none of these things are easy. However, focusing on what you can gain from each experience instead of focusing on the loss can help you become a lot less reactive to the situation. Getting proactive is the key to transforming that stressful moment into one of quiet empowerment.
There are plenty of ways you can empower yourself to feel strong, confident and capable on a daily basis. You don’t have to take our word for that, when you can just check out the tips below:
Do nothing. Well, not literally, but think about how ‘on the go’ your life is and take pause. On a day off without rush hour, dealing with exes or children or needing to go anywhere, take a moment just for you and focus. Take a yoga class. Meditate in an open field. Sit quietly and listen to what you want instead of the needs and wants of other people around you. Take a moment to put aside the ‘busy’ from everyone else and feel peaceful.

Set a goal. For some, stress requires a reliever. This can be in the form of art, music, a sport or even a class to learn something new. Setting yourself a target can make you feel more than positive and excited, it can make you feel worth something. Relying upon yourself is the ultimate empowerment.

Ditch doubt. Self-doubt is the biggest killer of happiness. Weight issues, relationship troubles and issues at work can make you feel unworthy of happiness. But you know what? You are. Those worries are just worries of today and tomorrow is something different. Stop doubting your ability to feel human and happy; you just have to allow yourself to do so.

Stress won’t have the same impact on everyone, but empowerment is for all. Taking a moment to let yourself be empowered can change your life. Make stress work for you.

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  1. This is a good point. Stress doesn't always have to be a negative thing. If it weren't for stress, we probably wouldn't get anything done. We just have to know how to handle it positively.

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