Time To Put Insomnia To Sleep

Apart from natural disaster, there ain’t much worse in this world than tossing and turning in your bed and then checking your phone to see that it’s, “oh, come on, 3.16am, urgh!” It’s not only the fact you’ve been staring at the ceiling for approximately five hours, sixteen minutes and thirty-one seconds, it is the fact you have to get up in three hours to go to work safe in the knowledge you probably won’t be getting any Z’s in before the dreaded alarm goes off. If this is you, then you are part of the 38% of American adults that also suffer from insomnia.

Now, we were going to try and bore you to sleep with the all the science behind what causes insomnia. But instead of running that risk, we decided it would be far more helpful if we gave you a load of awesome tips, tricks, and techniques on how you can start falling asleep again… and we promise, no counting sheep.


Make A Note Get yourself a notebook (because your phone has blue light which doesn’t help with the no sleep thing) and start keeping track of everything; how much sleep you get, when you are awake in the night, how tired you feel through the day and when, as well as anything else you can think of. We recommend you do this because it will help your doctor understand your condition more. It will also help you understand your patterns. If you struggle with organization, though, then get an app that does it all for you.

See The Doc Yes, your doctor is probably going to tell you to try the things we are going to tell you, but it is well worth seeing your doctor just to make your insomnia isn’t linked to anything worse than just no sleeping, such as your thyroid function or something. They may also be able to tell you which of your lifestyle choices or medications is harming your chances of having a good old snooze.

Use Your Bed Better One of the most effective ways of dealing with sleep issues is to adjust your bed habits. First off, start setting yourself a regular bedtime so that your body clock starts to get into a habit. To encourage this, you could even set up an About To Go To Bed ritual or reading and green tea or something. The other thing you should remember is that beds are used for sleeping and sex. That should be it. So, if you currently have your home office setup in the bedroom, change this.


Quit Smoking, Please Lung cancer and death should be enough to deter anyone from sucking down on arsenic. But, in case it isn’t, then you need to realize that your smoking habit is probably not helping you drift off into the land of slumber. This is partly done to with the fact smoking is known to increase your heart rate and partly because your body gets nicotine withdrawal symptoms while you sleep.

Morning Exercise Only You only get two chances to exercise during the day, in the morning and at night and, given you would rather snooze when you can then disrupt the little amount of sleep you actually get, you choose to exercise at night. Try not to. Try and exercise in the morning or, if you have to do it in the evening, then try and do it at least three hours before your scheduled bed time.

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