Use Your Experience As A Mum To Find Part Time Work

Many mums decide to take a long leave of absence from the working world after giving birth. Of course, we have maternity leave, but then some of us choose to stay at home for a few years. It’s an understandable choice, we want to be there to provide a proper maternal presence for our child during their early years.

But, there may come a time when you feel like going back to work or need to earn some extra money. If you’ve still got young children, it can be very hard to go back into full-time employment. Which is why a lot of mums look for part-time work instead. Now, if you’ve been out of work for a good few years, you may think you’re underqualified and don’t have enough recent experience to get any part-time work.

This is where you’re wrong. While you may not have recent work experience, you do have plenty of new experience in one of the toughest jobs around; being a mother. You can use your experience as a mum to find work and earn some extra money for your family. It’s all about figuring out the valuable skills you learnt as a mum and finding jobs that fit them. Here are just a few examples of great skills you develop, and how they can lead you to find work.

Caring Skills You may have been considered a caring person before motherhood, but having a child takes things to a new level. You truly develop the skills to look after and care for someone, putting them before yourself and doing all you can to keep them comfortable. These skills translate perfectly into things like care jobs where you look after elderly people or people with disabilities. You know what it’s like to look after someone that depends on you for assistance, and the care skills you developed will help out.

Teaching Skills Mums are amazing in that they take on so many different roles. As a parent, it’s your job to educate your children when they’re too young for school. As such, you develop the skills needed to teach young children. This could help pave the way for a part-time career in a nursery or playgroup, looking after toddlers and teaching them. You might need to pass a test to gain a simple qualification, but it won’t be hard. To make things even better, you could work in the same playgroup that your child attends.
Cooking Skills As a mum, you almost have to develop cooking skills to keep your children happy. Consequently, you could learn how to cook and bake amazing things. This opens the door to find work as a part-time chef/baker. You could sell birthday cakes or cookies to people, and make a decent bit of money on the side. The best thing is, you can work from home too.

Just because you’ve been out of work for a few years, it doesn’t mean your options are limited. Call upon your newfound experience as a mum to find work that suits your skills and pays the bills.

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