Watching Your Weight: Obesity Related Health Issues To Avoid

We all know how carrying too much excess weight isn’t good for us, we’re constantly reminded by doctors and the media that we should shave off those excess pounds. But how much of an issue is being overweight and obese really? While most people will likely get away without developing health issues for a number of years, they’re likely to show up eventually and could be debilitating. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should aim to keep your weight within the normal range.

Type Two Diabetes One of the biggest dangers when you’re obese is insulin resistance- or type two diabetes. When you carry excess weight, there’s more pressure on the body to use insulin to control blood sugar. If you have a BMI over 22, you are eighty times more likely to develop type two diabetes which is shocking. You can help to treat type two diabetes by losing weight and cleaning up your diet, Natural remedies such as Synergy Extracts, terpenes in particular, have been shown to be useful in diabetics. Keeping your weight under control is the best way to prevent the illness.

Heart Issues Heart attacks and disease is the biggest killer in the western world. And that really is a shame since in most cases it can be prevented. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will keep your arteries free of plaque and keep your heart muscle strong and healthy. Focus on eating heart healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, high fiber foods and oily fish are all good choices. You will also want to work on reducing saturated fat in your diet and exercise at least three times a week.

Joints While as humans our joints are robust, they’re not invincible. Carrying too much weight puts pressure on hips and knees, and over time these can quite literally wear out, leaving them feeling extremely painful. Losing weight and also exercising to build up strength in the surrounding muscles and ligaments is extremely useful. Cycling is a good example, this is great for cardiovascular fitness but also strengthens the knees. And as it burns calories will help you lose weight too (along with a healthy diet)

Self Esteem Finally, as well as physical health issues, being overweight can also cause problems with mental health too. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s biased towards slimmer individuals, flick through any beauty magazine, watch any movie or music video, and you will be bombarded with the ‘ideal’ kind of body. While it’s important to understand that often these ideals can be unrealistic, it’s hard enough even for those who are the correct weight at times. Being overweight or obese can be difficult in today’s judgemental world. Losing weight will not just benefit your health but your mental health too. You are likely to feel more confident in yourself and your body and wear the clothes that you want.

Are you on a weight loss journey, or have you overcome any health issues due to losing weight?

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