Get on the therapy van

I'd love to start a service to make therapy accessible to all. I'm thinking an ice cream van with comfy chairs inside; that plays REM's 'Everybody Hurts' when it's in the area. When you hear it you can run out and jump in for a quick session (fifty pence extra for a chocolate flake). I want people to say, I went for a therapy session the same way they mention they've had a manicure because I don't know anyone who hasn't at some point made me think, Ooh baby, you need you some therapy. Actually I know one person - an ex colleague; a beautiful, self possessed sister with her shit so together she was damn near constipated and for all I know she had already had a truckload of therapy because that's how it works.

Therapy is good. I'm not even gonna tiptoe round that. It works. I recently finished Dolly Alderton's, Everything I Know About Love and in it she charts a course of psychotherapy. She includes how challenging and fortifying and life changing it is and I was so gutted I didn't have someone to high five as I read it because it was so on point. Of course therapy works, if you've ever broken stuff down with a friend or prayed to God or cried to your mama you can see the reasoning behind it but it gets so much backlash. It's whispered about in corners and declared shamefully only when deemed necessary. I'm not about that life. I'll be honest with you, I need me some therapy. The culmination of a couple of years of major life changes and embarking on a new (exciting but also terrifying) line of work has resulted in a spiritual burn out. And I really don't have time to be burnt out - I have a four year old child and I want to be able to celebrate the good things that are happening in life, so I started to look for someone to talk to. The one downside of therapy it's not a quick fix and although I recognise the benefit of taking your time, time is not a luxury I have right now. So I've opted for therapy's younger, hipper cousin - life coaching. I'm having a few sessions in the run up to my book launch in an effort to embrace change, get organised and learn how to make self care more than a hash tag. Come along if you fancy.