Adventure - Just add child

I was not looking forward to the weekend. And I felt bad about it. Because two days with my child would be joyful, would it not? It was supposed to be joyful. Everyone says it is J.O.Y.F.U.L. I was not full of joy, I was full of dread. The weekend meant two days listening to the Paw Patrol theme tune and rescuing my flat deposit from the the reckless hands of a small child; a weekend meant the same arguments about bedtime and peas, I didn't want the same. I knew I needed something else and so I found it. I scoured Google for last minute breaks. I managed to narrow it down with the logic that when you live by a beach the next best thing is a sandy beach and booked a room at the nearest one - Pontins, Camber Sands. 

Roscoe was so excited. We've recently added the book 'Maisy Goes on Holiday' to our library. Maisy is a mouse of undetermined age, who attends nursery but is also a home owner and in this particularly book she is in need of a minibreak. I told Roscoe we were going to pack a bag and catch a train and go to the beach. 'Just like Maisy!' He cried. Indeed, just like Maisy. 

Except not like Maisy because her train wasn't cancelled but determination and a non refundable room rate had us hopping on and off trains along the coast. We made the last connection, an hourly service to our destination, with seconds to spare. As our train pulled in I clutched Roscoe's hand and said, 'We have to run.' 

'Like the gingerbread man?' He asked. Yes, just like that. And we ran and jumped on and fell about giggling with 'just made the train' exhiliration. 

'We're having an adventure,' said Roscoe and we were, we totally were. Cause an adventure is anything that takes you out of your routine; an adventure is being willing to go with whatever is thrown at you. Anytime you need an adventure - just add child. 

Pontins, Camber Sands is the resort that time forgot. It definitely needed a lick of paint and maybe a bulldozer but to Roscoe it might as well have been a five star hotel - with his own new bed and a teeny fridge for our sausage roll dinner, it was the height of luxury. After we had unpacked he asked for a cake and some sweets; automatically I told him to choose one but then I reconsidered because this was an adventure. Could he have the tacky windmill and cheap bucket and spade? Yes! Could he have ice cream? Yes! Could he watch TV after dinner? Why not?! We spent hours digging holes in the sand and we didn't bathe and we ate chocolate muffins for breakfast and it was wonderful. And what was so wonderful about it was it made me remember that we didn't need to go away to get away from it all - we can turn off Paw Patrol and discover somewhere new in our home town; we can have muffins for breakfast whenever we please. Life can always be an adventure. 

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  1. What a fun adventure you had. I love how little ones see the joys in the smallest of things. It's something we should all take note of and work on. :)

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC.